Keepin’ my paws crossed…

Crossed pawsOK, I am keepin’ my paws crossed that this time Noah really has made some progress.

Much to his chagrin, he gets weighed every day now (he hates it). His portions of his Nulo food have been decreased, and we have been exercisin’ every day too.

It isn’t a whole lot, but for 2 days, he has been at 18.8 lbs. That is the lowest he has been so far. He started at 20.0.

Doesn’t seem like he has lost a lot, but remember, he would be a big cat even if he wasn’t overweight. And just like humans, you hafta work up to exercise. He wears out fast.

We will keep on him, because we are committed to getting him back to a healthy weight. We sure are appreciative of all the support we have received from the Nulo folks in that endeavor.

We are likin’ Nulo fur a lot of reasons other than its weight loss benefits, too.

As I mentioned before, it seems to agree with my stomach better than the schtuff I was eatin’ before. I have not had any barfisodes after meals since we started the Nu Campaign.

It has made a big difference with all of our furs. We are all much softer now. BZTAT actually Furminated Noah yesterday and did not have any injuries!  He usually gets all upset and sinks his teeth and claws into her hands or arms. Noah was pretty chill about gettin’ groomed, cuz the Furminator and the comb went through his fur much more easily.

And we don’t eat as much, so the food lasts a lot longer.

All in all, we have good things to say about Nulo, no matter what happens with Noah’s diet. But we are gonna keep after him to lose his girth.

I got my paws crossed that it will happen sooner than later.

Just Meowin’.

The Brew

Disclosure: Nulo has generously provided free product and other benefits in exchange for our participation in the Nu Campaign to fight pet obesity. We are happy to be a part of this awareness campaign, however, all of the opinions about the product are mine and not dictated in any way by the company.


  1. Sparkle says:

    It’s pretty amazing how much of a difference good nutrition can make, both with cats AND humans! Not that I think our humans would benefit by eating Nulo too… Humans have different dietary needs, so they will have to eat food that is not as tasty as high-quality cat food, unfortunately.

    • Sparkle–Very good points. Noah keeps tellin’ BZTAT, “Well, you could lose a few pounds too!” If we could get both Noah and BZTAT a treadmill, they would probably both be better off!

    • Nulo isn’t really a diet food. it is just healthier food with less of the junk in it that they put in to preserve it on store shelves. Since it comes direct online, it gets to ya faster, so they don’t hafta put all the extra schtuff in it. haven’t heard of any problems with urine issues with Nulo.

  2. Great post! Our feeding and weigh-ins here sound just like yours, hahameow! And Disco gets his weekly ‘recorded’ weigh in today (he gets weighed every day though) and we are hoping he’s dropped another couple of ounces.

    I wish I had someone to video he and I playing ‘stairmaster’ on the stairs, though! I am now exercising him every day and he knows the dragonfly wand is in the bathroom at the top of the stairs and that we do it every night before I go to bed and he sits there waiting for me to get the toy now.

    And he is a lot faster and eager to work out now too…I am happurry!

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