Jun 262012
View from the Salt Lake City Sheraton

View from the Salt Lake City Sheraton

My human, Artist BZTAT, abandoned Noah, Who, Slick, Okey and me for four days.

Four days!!!

BZTAT went to Salt Lake City, UT for the annual BlogPaws Conference where she met up with other pet loving humans.

To tell you the truth, it was not so bad having her gone (Don’t tell her I said so). Our next door neighbor Ed came over and kept us company. He played with us some and made sure that we had plenty of food and water. I liked spending time with Ed.

BZTAT had a special job at BlogPaws.  Temptations Cat Treats sponsored her trip and asked her to share information about their products. She enjoyed being a part of the Temptations Team.

Although some cats, lotsa dogs and a few ferrets went to BlogPaws, I did not go (Remember, cats hate cars and airplanes). BlogPaws is THE biggest and most important pet event of the year though, so I figured that I should write a story about it. Once BZTAT got unpacked and rested from the trip home, I interviewed her about her experience.


Brew: This was the fourth time that you ABANDONED me and went to BlogPaws. Was it worth it?

BZ: I miss you and the rest of the Fab Five every time I travel away from you guys.  But BlogPaws was certainly worth the sacrifice. I met up with old friends and I made new ones. I learned many new things and I was inspired by great speakers. I came back a changed person, full of ideas and purpose.

Brew: Um hmmmm.

The Temptations Cat Treats Team at BlogPaws

The Temptations Cat Treats Team – L to R: BZTAT, Jason Heilweil, Joann McGonagal of the TiniestTiger.com

Brew: What was it like representing Temptations at BlogPaws?

BZ: It was great to be a part of the team representing such a well-loved pet brand!

Brew: Other than getting lotsa treats to bring home, what didja like about it?

BZ: We heard a lot from various speakers about the sad circumstance of people surrendering their pets to shelters because humans fail in their efforts to bond with the animals. This happens to cats all too often because people fail to understand the feline “independent nature”. Using treats like Temptations, humans and cats can overcome barriers to bonding.

My hope is that better bonding can lead to fewer surrenders and more happily bonded pets and humans. THAT is a message that I was proud to share with other bloggers on behalf of Temptations.

Brew: That is an important message to share! And even though we are pretty well bonded, I do like you better when you give me treats.

Bz: Not all those treats I brought home were for you, Brew…

Brew: (changing the subject) What was the most interesting session that you went to?

Laurie Ruettimann at BlogPaws 2012

Laurie Ruettimann, mom to Mister Scrubby

Bz: All of the sessions were fantastic! A few stood out, though, as really amazing. The keynote by Betsy Saul, Petfinder.com‘s Co-Founder, was very inspiring, as was the keynote by Lena West. I also found the presentation by Laurie Ruettimann, mom to you cyber twin Mister Scrubby, very motivating.

Brew: What was it like meeting Scrubby’s mom?

She was a lot of fun, and she liked the Brew mug sculpture that you gave her and Scrubby. And since you guys are twins, it was like meeting family!

Brew: I heard that you got catified in the Moderncat Catification Lounge. Are you a cat now?

BZ: No, but the Catification Lounge was simply pawsome! I won a prize that will be shipped to us soon, and you are going to LOVE it!

Brewskie Butt Art Gift Package by Artist BZTAT

Brewskie Butt Art Gift Package

Brew: Yay! Who won my art and gift package that was in the Lounge as a special prize?

BZ: Dusty Rainbolt, a well-known freelance writer and Vice President of the Cat Writers’ Association won your prize. She loved it and was thrilled to win!

Brew: I know that you brought back all kinds of swag and Temptations Cat Treats. Why are you keeping them behind this DOOR??? (scratch, scratch)

BZ: Because you have so many goodies already, Brew. I want you to share these with others.

Brew: Oh. I guess I could do that…

Brew: Is there anything else you’d like to mention about BlogPaws 2012?

BZ: Just that I can’t wait for BlogPaws 2013!


Well folks, that’s a wrap on the BlogPaws story. Once I get this closet door open, we’ll see about sharin’ some of those treats that are behind it in BZTAT’s suitcase.


  4 Responses to “My interview with BZTAT about BlogPaws”

  1. Thanks for the insight into the conference. Sounds like you all had a ball. BTW, love your art.

    • My human appreciates the feedback about her art! She did seem to have fun at the conference. A little bit too much fun, if ya ask me, but I had a little fun in her absence too. He he.

  2. That is awesome that Dusty Rainbolt won your human’s art and gift package! She is a great human and one of the best writers in CWA! My human pretty much felt the same way that yours did about the sessions – Betsy Saul, Lena West and Laurie’s session were standouts. As was the Catification Lounge – it ALMOST made me want to make the trip myself!

    • I was happy that someone who really liked the painting and appreciates art got the package, Sparkle. I don’t think ANYTHING could make me wanna travel that far, though.

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