Sep 172010


We have been doin’ the Nu Campaign fur a little over a month now. Seems like longer than that cuz we have had a lotta schtuff happenin’ in that month.

Not sure that the timing was the best, actually, cuz my human, BZTAT, has gone travelin’ twice in that month.

And her travelin’ affects us.

She didn’t used to travel so much. Because of that, we’ve grown accustomed to her always bein’ here.

When she leaves fur awhile and someone else comes in to feed and check on us, it upsets our usual balance.

Noah gets especially freaked out. He is afraid of people other than BZTAT and he hides when our sitter checks in.

I hide too, but I have been gettin’ more used to the sitter and have been comin’ out to greet her. She is kinda nice, and she does bring me noms.

Noah had some extra troubles, though, this last trip.

Now, I don’t really like to go into detail about other cats’ personal matters. But since Romeo the Cat bragged about his “output”, I will touch on the subject just fur a moment.

Let’s just meow that Noah had output “issues” while BZTAT was in Denver on this last trip. And I am not meowin’ about the “pees” that Mr. Scrubby does when his human travels.

I am meowin’ about messy poop issues.

Nuff said.

We thought maybe it was the food cuz we did change flavors while BZTAT was gone. But since it hasn’t happened again since she got back, we are thinkin’ that it was the stress of her bein’ gone.

(I am workin’ the guilt factor on her, in case you wondered.)

Noah hasn’t lost anymore weight, but he hasn’t gained any either. He stayed steady at 19.8 lbs., even though he ate more while BZTAT was gone.

I am really likin’ the Nulo, as are Slick, Who and Noah.

And our furs are all much softer since we started it.

*Preens* The lady cats who couldn’t keep their paws off before just won’t be able to stand it now…

Just Meowin…

The Brew

  7 Responses to “Noah and the Nu Campaign Update”

  1. Yep, yo mama been busy and traveling and doing good stuffs for kitties (paw clapping heard here)…so it’s good that you are maintaining your weight in spite of that. Our mama is going to be gone for 4 days next week, so Disco will probably gain some weight but our pet sitter is going to come in twice a day and feed him a little more each feeding as he will be missing the 3rd one our mama does…

  2. I think we are LESS stressed when my human is not here! Last weekend, we all hung out on the bed with the pet sitter, even Boodie, who is usually shy around people she doesn’t see every day. I am glad the Nulo seems to be working for you, Brew – good nutrition can make a kitty’s coat very touchable!

    • Thanks Sparkle! I am hopin’ this all works out fur us. Now that BZTAT’s gonna be home fur a stretch, we’ll see what the true scoop is. Ya know, what is scooped in the box. Well, ya know what I mean. Just Meowin’.

      The Brew

  3. Wow you’re a handsome cat – wif such a talented hoomin mum! We’re jealous!

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