Nov 052010

sleeping catsOK. I confess. I’ve been asleep on the job.

Noah didn’t lose any weight this week. He didn’t gain any either, which is good, but still…

He is still at 18.2 lbs. I guess I got a little lazy at bein’ his personal trainer this week.  What can I meow? It’s been a busy week.

BZTAT decided to close her studio storefront and move it back into our home, so that’s got things a little crazy here. She is also openin’ up a new gallery with the great folks at Embrace Pet Insurance in Beachwood, OH, which is very excitin’! You can read all about these developments here.

And then there’s the new cat.

Okey the Parking Lot Kitty is now Okey the Studio Cat. Okey was rescued last week and brought inside the studio.

I haven’t met Okey yet, but BZTAT says she will come upstairs and stay in the extra room sometime this weekend. And BZTAT is talkin’ like Okey might be stayin’…

We are very appreciative of all the folks who donated funds so we could get Okey to a vet and get the works done. She was spayed yesterday, and she is resting comfortably today.

OkeyUp until yesterday (because of the surgery) she has been eatin’ the same Nulo noms we have been eatin’, and she seems to be gettin’ healthier already! Thanks to Nulo fur helpin’ us rescue Okey and get her back to good health.

Oh, yeah. One other thing.

Nulo has a special promotion to help shelter pets fur Thanksgiving that I wanted to share with ya too!

Between November 1, 2010 and Thanksgiving Day on November 25, 2010, for every $25 order placed, Nulo will donate one pet Thanksgiving dinner to a local animal shelter. Each dinner includes our turkey and sweet potato recipe for dogs or turkey recipe for cats. Plus cranberry or chicken treats for dessert!

You can also use their special PETSGIVE promo code at check out to receive 25% off any orders from Nulo in that same time frame.

As always, shipping on your first order is free and the food is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

To join the giving, click here.

Thanks Nulo fur helpin’ critters in need!

Just Meowin’.

The Brew

Disclosure: Nulo has generously provided free product and other benefits in exchange for our participation in the Nu Campaign to fight pet obesity. We are happy to be a part of this awareness campaign, however, all of the opinions about the product are mine and not dictated in any way by the company.

  6 Responses to “Noah and this new Okey cat weighin’ in on the Nu Campaign”

  1. […] Noah's holding steady and his mom thinks he hasn't lost this week because he hasn't been as active because there's lots going on at BZTAT's house this week. But Okey the parking lot kitty has been enjoying her Nulo meals and is already looking sleeker and healthier! It just shows what good nutrition can do. […]

  2. It’s been a busy week around there, Brew. You’re excused for sleeping on the job… but you better double up next week to make up for it!

    And be nice to Okey when she comes upstairs, OK?

  3. Oh, Disco sympathizes with your plateau, Noah…and Teri skipped a couple of workout days herself this week…just keep on truckin’…

  4. I think Okey has such a sweet face!

  5. […] Last week I told ya that Noah didn’t lose any weight. He stayed steady at 18.2 lbs. Up until then, he was losin’ 0.2 lbs. each week. […]

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