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Brewskie Butt IS a cat.

Brewskie Butt The Brew on the Beer beach drawing by BZTAT
Drawing by BZTAT

You may have heard the news that has shattered some folks’ illusions: “Hello Kitty is not a cat.”  Seriously. Is anyone surprised? Why is everyone upset?

Not all characters are based on real life individuals, and the ever popular “Hello Kitty” design is completely fictional. It’s no different than Charlie Brown or Garfield.

The more astounding news that has not been reported, however, is that the creator of “Hello Kitty”, Japanese artist Yuko Shimizu, made no profit from her design. She created the design as a “work for hire” project while working at the Japanese company Sanrio, who has reaped millions of dollars from products featuring the feline image.

That is very sad to me. I think that artists should benefit from their creativity as well as the companies who merchandise their designs into products. Although I think companies should prosper from partnering with artists in mutually beneficial licensing arrangements, I think the artists should get a fair shake.

My human is an artist, and she draws pictures of me. They are sorta cartoony, and there could be some confusion about them. So to clear that up, I want to say to you, unequivocally, BREWSKIE BUTT IS A CAT.

Brewskie Butt real cat BZTAT
Very Real Cat

A real live, furry and in the flesh CAT. Not fictional. REAL.

So there. I said it.

And so you know, it is the dream of this cat and his artist human that someday, Brewskie Butt, TM will be every bit as prosperous and popular as the FICTIONAL “Hello Kitty”character via licensing agreements that make both the production company and the artist very wealthy. And make me the richest cat around, as well.

If you’d be interested in making some products featuring my gorgeous image or artworks created by my human, please contact us. We’d love to meow with ya about it.

Just Meowin’,

The Brew