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A Mancat and his Meowgarita

Brewskie Butt the cat drinking a meowgarita
"Meowgarita" Drawing by BZTAT

My human has been drawin’ pictures of me again.

I get it. It is hard not to be inspired when you have such a handsome mancat around.

If ya like the picture, you can bid on it in an auction on BZTAT’s blog.

I know, everyone wants a picture of me. This could be yer chance.

So go bid, yo. And check out all the other pictures too. There is gonna be a drawing auctioned daily in BZTAT’s “May Minis” series fur every day in May.

The May Minis are small pix, and the minimum bid is mini too. Helps those of ya on a budget to be able to get some BZTAT art without spendin’ a fortune.

And you could be the proud owner of an artwork of THE BREW.

And who doesn’t want an artwork of THE BREW???