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Brew’s Daily Meow: Venus

Black Cat Venus digital art by BZTAT
“Black Cat Venus” digital art by BZTAT

Venus and her twin furball Dahlia are two kitties that passed my way recently. They have an amazing story!

As you may know, black kitties are harder to place in homes than any other color of cat. Fur some stupid reason, humans have superstitions about black cats, so they tend to pass over them when looking fur a new pet.

Venus and Dahlia are two kits whose numbers were just about up at the Broward Animal Control in Pompano, FL. EEK! If they didn’t find a home soon, they were gonna be facin’ that E-word that means that they’d go to sleep and never wake up.

My good furriend Dorian from Your Daily Cute snapped into action to save these 2 sweet girls.  She posted about it on her blog and, lo and behold, she found them a home! Only problem was, the home was in Cleveland, OH.

OHIO you say? That’s over 1200 miles away!

Undaunted, Dorian set up a transport relay plan, and catgone it, we got those girls to Cleveland! As you know, yours truly lives in Ohio, and my human BZTAT helped out. She brought them from Charleston, WV to here in Canton, Where they met their new mom Michele.

BZTAT kept them locked in the office the night that they stayed with us, so I did not get to know them too well. We did do some meowin’ and sniffin’ through the door. They seemed to enjoy our Scratchkabin. (More about that amazin’ product in a future post.)


Dahlia was a bit shy, I hear, but her new mom says she is becoming less timid and both are enjoyin’ their new home.

Dorian is helpin’ other kittehs from Broward County find homes all over the country. if you’d like to help a kitteh that might be coming through your area,  please fill out this form  so that she has yer information about where you live and how far you’d be willing to travel to help with a transport.

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