Apr 272012

Furminator Fur Creature

You would think that, having an artist for a human, we would have been among the finalists fur the Furminator “Fur Creature” contest. You would be wrong.

When asked by Romeo the Cat to create a celebrity look-alike out of the fur from her fabulous five felines’ furminations, this is what BZTAT came up with. I am embarrassed to even show it.

While other creative cat ladies came up with interesting Lady Gagas, Angelina Jolies, Ellen Degeneres’, Katy Purry’s, etc., my human comes up with Anonymous the Hacker???

Yeah, well this is the same human who had the gall to put a bell around my neck.

Patrick FeltonI think that she was thinking her nephew Patrick was already the celebrity he one day will be. Hmmmm. Maybe Patrick is the infamous Anonymous

As big a FAIL as BZTAT’s celebrity fur creature was, though, the Furminator was not. We get regular furminations here, and it is a huge success.

The Furminator grooming tool is fantastic magic. Somehow, it manages to pull out that extra fur that otherwise would be pulled out by my tongue, and keeps it from getting in my belly. And that is a super good thing, because I hate hairballs, and I HATE HAIRBALL GOOP!

To celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day, the great folks at Furminator once again sent us a great Large Cat Long Hair deShedding Tool. We already have one, so we plan to give this one to the Tuscarawas County Humane Society Cat Shelter in thanks fur taking in some kittens from a feral cat colony.

The Furminator tools always get 10 paws up from the Fab 5 here.

Even if our humans celebrity fur creature was a FAIL.

You can see all the other creatures more creative humans made here.

Happy National Hairball Awareness Day!

Apr 292011
fur creature

The "Fabulous Faux Feline" sculpture

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Every year, my pal Romeo the Cat and Furminator hosts National Hairball Awareness Day. This year they asked us to create funky creatures from our Furminated furs to celebrate.

Whenever BZTAT Furminates us, she always says, “There’s enough fur here to create a whole new cat!” So to meet Romeo’s challenge, she made the “Fabulous Faux Feline” from all five of us cats’ furs. Kinda creepy lookin’ creature if ya ask me.

You guys know how much I hate the GOOP. You know, that gooey hairball medicine that’s all sticky and messy. Some cats like it, but I am not one of them.

That’s why I am such a big fan of Furminators. These great de-shedding tools help to get all my dead fur out so it doesn’t go into my tummy and cause hairballs.

This year fur National Hairball Awareness Day, the great folks at the Furminator company

sent us a brand new tool – their new Long Hair Large Cat deShedding Tool. BZTAT gave us all a good groomin’ with it, and let me say, we were all pretty pleased.


Okey's First Furmination

Now Slick and I are short hairs, and we have always kinda liked bein’ Furminated. Even though we have shorter fur, the long hair tool worked fine fur us.

Noah and Who, however, have long, thick fur, and they have never cared fur the process much. their fur tends to get tangles, and grooming is not so fun fur them. Eating a premium food has helped control the tangles somewhat, and the new long hair cat de-shedding tool really seemed to work fur them. It also was easier fur BZTAT to do the grooming, because it held more fur than smaller tools, and the ejector button seemed to repel the fur more easily than previous tools.

Okey even had her first Furmination! As you can see, she didn’t have a lot of shed fur yet.

Why is it so important to Furminate cats? I’m glad you asked. Here’s some info from Furminator to illuminate:

  • Cat hairball problems are just naturally common in cats, all cats, because of their self-grooming habits. Their rough tongues are made to clean themselves thoroughly and, in doing so, they ingest a lot of hair.
  • Up to 2/3 of a cat’s shed hair can be ingested as they self-groom. These loose hairs can pack together in a cat’s stomach and form a hairball.
  • Hairballs generally consist of compacted fur, but they often also include food and a coating of mucus.
  • Hairballs aren’t just a messy inconvenience but a sign of discomfort and potential serious problems. They can lead to a number of problems including regurgitation and vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, intestinal obstructions and loss of appetite.
  • Hair ingestion equals roughly 0.011 ounces of hair for an outdoor adult short-haired cat weighing 6.6 pounds. This can add up to 1.24 ounces of ingested hair a year.
  • The most important and most effective way to prevent hairball formation is frequent grooming to remove the dead undercoat before it is swallowed.
  • Traditional hairball treatments (lubricants, diets, etc.) address the problem after the hair has already entered the cat’s body. A FURminator® deShedding tool PREVENTS the problem by preventing the hair from getting into the cat’s body in the first place. FURminator stresses preventative care and that is the true definition of good health!
  • Cats and hairballs and shedding problems are all connected.
  • Using a FURminator just 10 minutes twice per week gently removes 90% of the loose hair and undercoat without damaging or cutting the topcoat. This is a safe, effective and non-invasive way to prevent hairballs from forming before they cause serious problems.

If you do not have a Furminator yet, I highly recommend them. And the new Long Hair Large Cat deShedding Tool gets 4 paws up from each of us cats here. That’s 20 paws! They cost $43.99 from the Furminator website, but they are well worth the cost.

Happy de-shedding!

Just Meowin’,

The Brew

Disclosure: Furminator has generously provided free product and other benefits in exchange for our participation in the National Hairball Awareness Day campaign. We are happy to be a part of this awareness campaign, however, all of the opinions about the product are mine and not dictated in any way by the company.

Apr 042011

Brewskie Butt

I know. You don’t have to tell me. I have been a lazy butt of late, pondering all sorts of things but not writing much about it.

I haven’t blogged much. I don’t tweet as often as I used to. I hardly ever get on Facebook anymore. It’s not that I don’t have much to say or that I don’t want to visit with folks. I’ve just been in a thinking mood lately.

And a sleeping mood. And a playing mood. And a chasing all sorts of interesting and curious things mood.

But I guess it is time that I came out of my slumber. We have my pal Romeo the Cat’s Hairball Awareness Day coming up and we got a new Furminator to celebrate. (They have a new tool fur long hair cats like Noah and Who!) And we got some new litter to try out from World’s Best Cat Litter. We’ve got some other goodies to try too.

And BZTAT took the ‘puter to the ‘puter V-E-T so our technological woes have improved a bit.

Guess I’d better get busy. Right after my nap. ZZZZzzzzzzz…..

Just Meowin’,

The Brew

May 142010

Hairball Awareness Contest Winner - Jigsaw Puzzle

OK, folks, this was not any easy contest to judge. I had so many fabulous entries, I had to ask my pal Romeo the Cat to help me out.

The challenge was fur critters to tell me about how they rescued their humans in the comments of my post on National Hairball Awareness Day. I asked fur critters to answer the following questions: How did you find yer human, and how did you change their life around? How have you made yours a better human by havin’ you in their life?

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, told a very moving story.

Romeo and I decided, however, after much deliberation, that Jigsaw Puzzle of Talk With the Paws, was the one who best answered the questions.

Jigsaw told us about how he helped his humans get through the sadness of losing their beloved Soot cat, who went to the Rainbow Bridge eight months after Jigsaw arrived in their lives. He still climbs into one of his humans’ lap and sings to her when she gets sad about the loss.

Concats on winning yer whole family of cats a new Cat Deluxe Furminator, Jigsaw! *High Paw*

I wish that I could give a Furminator to everyone who told their stories, as you all shared very special stories. I was moved by them all. Thank you so much fur sharing them with my readers and me.

And thank you Furminator, Inc. fur sponsoring my contest!

Just Meowin’.

The Brew

May 132010

Yo Brew’s Posse!

As I told ya on April 30, the good folks at Furminator, Inc. are givin’ me a brand new Cat Deluxe Furminator to give out as a contest prize. This is a real cool prize because this is a pretty fancy groomin’ tool.

Truthfully, they don’t look like much, but many cats and humans swear by them. I am one of those cats. Furminators really help to get the underfur of cats thinned out, so that we take in less fur in our tummies when we bathe ourselves. Even short hair cats like me benefit from bein’ Furminated.

And this one has that ejector button thingy that makes it easier to get the fur out once it is off of ya.

If you would like to get one of these fancy Furminators, read my post about National Hairball Awareness Day and follow the instructions for entering the contests.

There are some pretty cool entries already, but yours just might be the winnin’ one. I can’t wait to read your entry!

Just Meowin’.

The Brew

Apr 302010

Brewskie Butt with FurminatorYay! Today is National Hairball Awareness Day! Not only that, it is also the day that I announce my first ever contest on this blog!

The good folks at Furminator, Inc. are givin’ me a brand new Cat Deluxe Furminator to give out as a contest prize.

Thanks guys!

So, I have thought long and hard about how to do my contest.

I want to do somethin’ unique and fun. I considered doin’ somethin’ like havin’ folks tell their worst hairball story, or their most unique place that they had left a hairball. But, I really, didn’t want to read all those, er, indelicate stories.

Then I thought about doin’ a measurin’ contest, but I found that my good furriend Sparkle the Designer Cat had already done that.

So I decided to do somethin’ that would allow my furriends to tell a little bit about themselves that didn’t gross everyone out.

I read I Rescued a Human Today this week after someone posted it on my Facebook page, and I thought, I’d like to hear about how my pals rescued their humans.

So here’s my contest. I want you to tell me about how you rescued your human in the comments on this post. How did you find yer human, and how did you change their life around? How have you made yours a better human by havin’ you in their life?

Your story doesn’t hafta be real long. Just give us the highlights.

The critter with the most interesting and/or touching story will win a Cat Deluxe Furminator AND they will also get to have a guest post here on my blog. Sound cool?

You have until May 13, 2010 to tell yer story in the comments. I will announce the winner here on my blog on Friday, May 14.

You don’t hafta be a cat to share your story or win the prize. The prize is fur cats, though, so if you are not a cat, please tell us about the cat to whom you plan to give the prize.

I can’t wait to read yer stories!

In the meantime, here are some more tips from Furminator, Inc. about dealing with hairballs and such:

A Closer Looks At Cats: Wellness, Aging, Instincts & Hairballs

In observation of National Hairball Awareness Day (April 30th), we’re taking a closer look at the cat: feline wellness, aging, instincts and the dreaded hairball! *Provided by FURminator, Inc.

Did you know?:

  • When a cat coughs up a hairball, it is actually choking. This hacking can be dangerous and can cause death in some cases. Cats will over-groom themselves, especially in the spring during peak shedding season. To reduce the amount of hair ingested, and the corresponding hack that follows, many veterinarians recommend the FURminator deLuxe deShedding Tool for cats; it’s a safe, natural and holistic way to lessen the amount of hair cats ingest.
  • Cats have primal instincts and the location of their water bowl can prove it. In the wild a cat would never drag its kill to a watering hole to eat and drink at the same time. House cats have inherited this same instinct. Owners should keep a cat’s water bowl in a separate location than their food bowl. Cats will drink more water (and this increase will help their system clean itself of ingested hair).
  • A cat’s age can affect how they shed. As a kitten matures their coat changes in several ways – texture, thickness, curl and coloring. This transition may take up to two years depending on the breed. Once a kitten’s coat has matured they will begin to shed more by dropping their “kitten coat”. Consult with a veterinarian or groomer on when a cat’s grooming needs change.
  • Keep cats active to stay healthy; they’re athletes at heart. A healthy cat can jump as much as seven times its height and yet 21 percent of cats are considered obese or overweight by their veterinarians. Interactive toys with feathers on the end will encourage cats to leap, stretch and stay active. Keeping cats active will help them maintain a healthy skin and coat, as well as increase balance and coordination.

Hope you have a hairball free day today!

Just meowin’.

The Brew