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Who is this new crazy mini cat in my house?

Mia Meow custom digital pet portrait by BZTAT
“Mia Meow” custom digital pet portrait by BZTAT

There’s a new cat in my house. She’s a miniature cat, and she is nuts.

I mean, she never stops. She’s always bouncin’, pouncin’ and trouncin’ on my world.

BZTAT calls her Mia Meow. You can read BZTAT’s explanation of how she came into our world here.

I am not sure what to think of Mia. She is not at all like the Slick cat, who, sadly, went to the Rainbow Bridge on Labor Day. I miss the Ol’ Slick Cat.

Mia does sorta have some of the same tortie colors that Slick had, but her personality is quite different.

I guess I can put up with this miniature little Mia Monster. I am not so sure about what will happen when she is not so miniature anymore though.

By the way, you know I am BZTAT’s spokescat, so I need to make a plug fur her. She has a new website, and she is making some new custom artworks these days. She now makes digital portraits like the one you see above of Mia. Why don’tcha check the new site out?

Just Meowin’,

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