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It’s my birthday and I’ll meow if I want to.

BrewskiBrewskie Butt Orange and White Cat Drawing by BZTAT
Drawing by BZTAT

Yo. It’s that day that comes around once a year where we celebrate one of the greatest things that ever happened. Yep, it’s my birthday. I was born some eleven years ago, or thereabouts.

Truth be told, No one knows the exact date I came into this world, but it was sometime in April, so April Fool’s Day seems to be the best day to go with.

Not that I am a fool, or nothin’. I can be a bit of a prankster, though.

Humans celebrate birthdays like crazy. They throw parties, eat cake, share presents, and have all kinds of fun.

Betty White had a flash mob on her birthday.

The world celebrates its birthday with fireworks.
Brewskie Butt Cat Pawty Animal
Art by BZTAT

I and my Twitter pals once held a Paw Pawty on Twitter fur my birthday that lasted 24 hrs and included critters from all over the world. After that, it grew into a big thing where there was a Paw Pawty every month to raise money fur animal rescues. There are still Paw Pawties happening on Twitter all the time.

I am not so much a pawty animal anymore. I tend to spend my time relaxin’ in sun puddles and chasin’ Mia Meow. But hey. Why not have a BREW and a nip cigar fur old time’s sake?
Whatever YOU do today, make sure it is purr-worthy fur my birthday, OK?
Just Meowin’,
The Brew