Jul 182012
Brewskie Butt cat sleeping in the heat

How hot is it in your part of the world?

  6 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – I’m Me-e-e-e-lting!”

  1. About 105 today. But it’s dry heat so you barely notice it.

  2. It’s a little muggy here, which is uncommon for L.A. Probably about low 80s, not too bad. You look like you could use a good cold snap!

  3. 104F with 60% humidity. Upstairs AC got the rooms cooled to 77 last night and that was all it could achieve. Parker placed himself in front of the fan and that’s where he stayed all night! I was forced to sleep on the floor since he took up the fan spot. Fan piggy.

  4. Today, grey 65 and a bit of desparately needed rain. It’s been in the mid to upper 90’s for quite some time. Too hot for Northern Michigan.

    Blowing cool breezes to all the hot kitties…..
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

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