Wordless Wednesday: Silly Slick. That thing is attached to you.



(Dontcha love how our furs have completely claimed BZTAT’s couch? Hehe.)


Just Meowin’,

The Brew


  1. Oooops…our mistake…da comment boxie dat came up frum da e-mail didn show da whole page–stoopid typist wuz not awake enuf to figger owt to biggify da page when she hit da comment button frum da e-mail…and left a stoopid comment you see above…. before she thot to biggify and see da bideo rite here!

    Iz furry funny…and heer we thot we only ones wif silly kittehs who chase own tails just like a woofie!

    • Shew! We just went and checked 3 browsers and it worked fine. I furgot that some folks get it from email. Glad you liked the video. Slick is sooo silly. I never chase my tail, cuz I know it is part of the wonderous Brew.

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